Scientific Poster Design - Good and Bad Examples! (Poster Tutorial Part 2)

  February 17, 2013

In this tutorial we will take a look at the do's and dont's of good poster design. Academic posters are often crowded with information and text. But even if you slim down your poster to the most important points of your research, you still need a great layout. Taking a look at infographics, movie posters or just other poster example can help to inspire you and find your own style for your poster / project!

In this tutorial we will be discussing some posters I created in my biology studies. Some of the shown posters were presented on conferences and one even got a poster prize on a conference in 2012 (at the annual meeting of the German Limnological Society).

Feel free to share your toughs and ideas on the presented posters in the comments. Also some other suggestions how to improve posters in general are always welcome ; )

Make sure to take a look at the corse introduction, as I give valuable suggestions wich you should consider before you start making your poster in InDeisgn or powerpoint!

For inspiration take a look at some other great posters or infographics:
Infographics on flickr:
Flickr poster feedback:
A poster blog with very nice examples and good suggestions how to improve posters:

Infographics used in this video: